Refer-A-Friend Program

Refer-A-Friend Program

*GiFt BaSkEtS*

It's time to start thinking about finding the perfect holiday gift for the one(s) you love and nothing says it better than a custom-made gift basket tailored to their own likes and tastes!! You can order to fit any budget! Just browse on through the inventory and put together your perfect list for your perfect gift!! And as a way to say 'Thank You!' to all you loyal (and lovely) customers, the first 15 to order will get an additional $15.00 free (yes, FREE) worth of items to their basket!! Order yours today!!!

I'M BACK!!!! Can You Feel the LOVE?!?

So, as I'm sure we can all relate, life has been rather hectic lately, leaving me to neglect my beloved bows for a bit, BUT.... I'm back!! And as a way to say thank you to all my supporters, I wanted to do something to say Thank You!! SO... To anyone who spends $5.00 + shipping on an order will get 3 silk flower bows ANY size for only $5.00 more...

Also, be sure to let me know of any birthdays so that you can cash in on your FREE birthday bow!!

Oh, how I've missed you!!

BowDacious Bows Easter Baskets!!

These Easter baskets are a fun, practical and resourceful gift this Easter season!! This little package is loaded with value and savings! Each basket has:

3- Nylon Headbands
4- Waffle Headbands
1-Brimmed Flower Girl Newsie Cap
1-Hand-Sewn Sequinned Flower
1-Silk Flower
1-Large Ribbon Bow (you may request which bow-type ...and colors you'd like for this.)
1 Pair-Pretty in Pink Elephants Clips
1-High Quality Marabou Boa
1-Hand Sewn Sequinned Flower in Marabou Trim (New Product)

A package over $60.00 in value for only $45.00 plus $2.99 shipping!!!

Order by 03/27/10 and you are guaranteed to receive your basket by Easter at no extra shipping cost to you! So, what are you waiting for?! Don't miss out, and please let me know if you have any questions.

**BONUS** The first 5 customers to place basket orders will receive an extra free gift valued at over $10.00!!

***New Items!!!***

And just in time for Easter!! These darling (and highly sought after) goodies are the perfect compliment to kicking off into spring and... spring dresses!!

Hand-sewn Sequinned Silk Flowers
These hand-sewn silk beauties are what's hot in the boutique market right now, but only here will you find them at such an incredible price!

New darling Nylon Headbands. Great alone, or dress up with a flower or bow clip!
Available in Black, White and Pink.

$3.50/Each, or save $0.50 when purchased with a bow or flower clip!

*BoWdAcIoUs BoWs*

Options are key to showing off the look YOU want to own. With these 5 bow types, which are available in numerous color and center choices, options are something you will never be without.

#1. The BowDacious Basic Bow
Small: $3.00, Medium: $3.50, Large: $4.00
#2. The BowDacious Basic with Party Center Option
Add $0.50 to the Above Prices
#3. The Curly-Q Bow
Small: $4.00, Medium: $4.50, Large: $5.00
#4. The Mother of Mums Ribbon Flower
Medium: $5.00, Large $6.00
#5. FrouFrou Frilly Flower Bow
Small: $3.00, Medium: $3.50, Large: $4.00

If you can think it up, I can make it.
If there is a desired outfit or color you are wanting to match, please feel free to email me pictures along with your order so that I can ensure I get you just the look/colors you are looking for.

A few examples of the many different center choices available. Besides what is shown here, there are small, medium and large gemstone and button center options in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Silk Flower Bows

Silk Daisy Clips
Oopsy-Daisies, you've done it again! You achieved another perfect hair day while sporting one of these darling daisy bows. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, please refer to the photo for color/style types. Don't hesitate to inquire on additional colors if not seen in the photo. Be sure to specify desired flower center when ordering. Petal colors may also be mixed if desired.


Silk Tropical Flower Clips
Give your hair a vacation without even walking out your front door! These sleek tropical beauties are the perfect escape for any hair day. Available in Hot Pink, Violet, Sunset Orange, Dark Chocolate, Black and White.


Silk Peoria Clips
Give your fresh faced girl a fresh new look with this Peoria flower bow. Available in Green, Red, Light Pink, and Black. (Gem center is standard, so please specify if you're wanting a button/designer center instead.)


Silk Mum Clips
Whether preferred with a gemmed or buttoned center or their natural look, these darling mums are one of nature's most beautiful accessories. Available in Red, Orange, and Yellow. Petal colors my be mixed if desired. 5" width.


Silk Sunflower Barretts
Attached to a lined french barrett, these darling sunflower bows will be bringing sunny days to your hair for the years to come. 50% off listed price!!


Twice-The-Fun Paired Hair Clips

These California Girl Clips are a fun and stylish way to add a splash of summer even in the dead of winter. Refer to picture for available colors.


Truly perfect for all occasions, these Mini Bowtie Clips are the perfect addition to dress up any ensemble.
Available in any color or pattern theme (Flowers, Polka Dots, Stripes, Animals, etc.). Be specific! This is your design.


Pretty in Pink Elephants.


Butterfly Kiss Clips are a great way for your little one to feel like the fairy princess she is, without having to break the bank.


Double Rose Clips
Everything's coming up rosy when your little darling wears these simple, yet elegant rose clips!
Available in Ruby Red, Yellow, Baby Pink, and Lilac (be sure to specify if you would like the clip lined with another color other than green).


Waffle Headbands

Built to stretch, these headbands are a fun and convenient way to add a splash of color to your little doll's wardrobe.
Available in White, Bright Yellow, Lime, Peach, Orange, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Lilac, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Cool Blue, Mint, Neon Green, Black, Dark Chocolate, Tan, and Off-White.


Newborn Waffle Beanies

Not only is the waffle beanie perfect for giving your cute-as-a-button newest addition a look that could melt even the iciest of hearts, it's also feasible when wanting to give that little bald head (I've never had the pleasure of my baby's coming out with hair!) an extra cushion from the elements. Available in White, Black, Red, Maroon, Orange, Yellow, Cool Blue, Aqua, Lilac, and Milk Chocolate. Recommended for 0-12 months. Add a flower clip for only $3.00 more!


Brimmed Newsie Caps

Perfectly designed to top off any look, these caps are a fun and fashionable way to show your unique style.
Available in Milk Chocolate, Tangerine, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Lilac, Cool Blue, Dark Blue, White and Black. One size fits most. Add a flower clip for only $3.00 more!


Hand Crocheted Newsboy Cap

Lasting fashion is no longer only for the ladies! Your little stud can comfortably do all the things that boys do - and to the relief of Mom - it's machine washable. See picture for available colors. Toddler-Preteen sizes.


Flower Girl Newsie Cap

Perfect to wear throughout all season's, these quality hand-crocheted caps scream high fashion -- without having to pay the price. Available in Hot Pink, Lemon, Tangerine, Lilac, Cool Blue, and Lime. One size fits most.


Hand Crocheted Brimless Flower Beanie

These hats are a darling excuse for your child (or you!) to skip the hairdo, and go straight for fashionable, without the effort.
Specify hat number/design when ordering.

Used to be $15.00, now only $12.00

Baby, Show Me Those Booties

These adorable hand-crocheted booties are like icing to the heaven's perfect cupcake when worn by your little angel. One size fits most from 0-12 months. Refer to photo for available colors/styles.

Was $13.00, now $10.00/Pair

Hand Crocheted C.A. Earflap Caps

Perfect for snuggling your precious babes from autumn to spring, these stylish caps are bound to be the envy of all the playground!
Refer to pictures for available colors. Due to these items being seasonal, available inventory may vary.


Custom Monogrammed Bow Hanger

Made of solid wood, and hand painted down to the very last detail, this bow holder is meant to keep your little ones bows from being smashed or lost in a drawer. Available in any color and name combination.


Woven Kufi Cap

The perfect way to add a little sass, these kufi caps are a must-have fashion accessory. Was $10, now just $7!! Available in Dark Chocolate and Charcoal Grey. Order while supplies last!! (Add flower & laced ribbon for only $4 more!)

Googly-Eye Winter Hats

These must-have cuties are a chic and stylish way to keep your little munchkin warm in this frigid weather. Used to be $14.00, now only $9.00! Available in White, Hot Pink, and Orange. Order while supplies last!!